Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Behold a fan's fiction!

Just received our first bit of fan fiction ❤

From the talented and supportive Peter Vaczovsky who has recently finished his first novel -- a luxuriously long mermaid tale!  For now, here's what he has to share regarding our dear Penelope:

Sometimes having your own room was not necessarily an advantage.  
Penelope was rapidly finding this out. Her new room was immediately next to her old room she had shared with her friend, Sarah. At the moment it seemed it was actually Zara and her new boyfriend, a record collector with somewhat limited tastes in music.  
Despite the fact it was nearing midnight, as well as the fact that both Zara and her boyfriend, Carson, were quite obviously in an advanced state of intoxification, his gramophone was alive and playing his many records.  
The music was getting on Penelope's nerves with increasing and astonishing rapidity. Not the she hated music, she actually loved it. The problem in this case was Carson's specific choices in music. One of his two choices was opera, of which he had a considerable selection of. The other choice was Dixieland jazz, a considerable counterpoint to opera.  
Nothing wrong with either one, really. Except to Penelope, who believed Carson's choices in opera ran to female vocalists singing with sore feet and the Dixieland bands had apparently elected not to tune up before they began playing.

2016 © Peter Vaczovsky