Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Après L'Ondée

Protagonist Penelope Price's scent of choice --
Après L'Ondée (translation: After the Rains)

Created by Jacques Guerlain in 1906, it is a celebration of the fine weather that follows the rain.
In this bouquet of powdery flowers, Jacques Guerlain orchestrated its floral note around violet, iris and vanilla nuances.

This discreet fragrance of absolute romance is presented in a spray bottle inspired by the original Bee Bottle of the Eau de Cologne Impériale, covered in 69 iconic bees of the Empire.

It is a beautiful, delicate combination of orange blossom and violet, with spicy anis note. Smell of a spring-time garden after a downpour, smell of wet leaves and flowers warmed by the sunshine. The heart is composed of spicy carnation and violet, not traditionally sweet in this composition. The base notes include luxurious iris and soft vanilla touch.