Wednesday, November 4, 2015

One Lump or Two - excerpt #4

The two women could not be more opposite. While Penelope was inordinately law-abiding and considered by friends and family to be a consummate ‘goody two shoes,’ Zara had always been something of a wild child—going anywhere the wind blew … or at least where the nearest dashing rogue whisked her away on his motorbike. Zara had no sense of peril, impropriety, or danger. Penelope was in constant fear of offending someone and always made a point to look for pitfalls and signs of jeopardy before taking a step, both figuratively and literally. They’d become friends in the sandbox in their hometown of San Pedro, California, and throughout their lives had stayed close, despite changing circumstances and habitats. Penelope was Zara’s touchstone. Zara was Penelope’s adventurous alter-ego.